1. The linocut piece I did in Benin was displayed during my school’s open doors weekend, so I snapped a picture of it.


  2. Sketching Adventure Time characters in wintery clothing. #adventuretime


  3. Aquatint I’ve been working on. Not finished yet, this is the first printing.


  4. Mini cat comic, just for fun. My Benin comic is nearly done, yay!


  5. Went to the park yesterday and drew some people and things. Sunny sundays are the best.


  6. Hey everyone! Here’s my submission to this year’s Ghibli Jam !

    Hope you’ll like it :)

    PS: I posted some progress pics for this drawing on Instagram :)


  7. Hey I drew the Bravely Default characters having a nice time in Caldisla. I wish I was “Pixiv good” at fanarts… heh


  8. Hey there! Here’s a new short comic!

    I swear I’m not a bad girlfriend ( I guess…). Please check out my BF’s new tumblr, He’s incredibly talented, in addition to being super hot and nice (jackpot).

    See you soon! 

    I really wanna draw some Bravely Default characters now…


  9. Sketch dump on Instagram!

    You can follow me here :)

    (workin’ on a new comiiic)


  10. Hey everyone! Guess what? I came back from Benin in one piece. So that’s super great. I drew some stuff and saw amazing things there. I’m currently working on my travelogue. I’ll be posting it soon. Here you already have two Benin-themed sketches and two other sketchbook pages.

    So happy to be back! (but I’m pretty sick, the temperature gap between Benin and Belgium is tough).

    Have a nice day!