1. Some more drawings for french radioooo. Check it out!


  2. Hi there! I’m pretty busy at the moment, as I am drawing for a daytime french radio show called “Tea Time Club” on France Inter. I’m illustrating 3 moments of the show every day, you can see all of it here ! It’s all in french, sorry about that.

    I’ll be back soon with more comics for you !

    *virtual hug*


  3. Hey there ! I’m currently working for a french radio program called “Tea Time Club”. I’m illustrating moments from the show everyday. Check it out at www.franceinter.fr/emission-tea-time-club !


  4. Hey guys! Here’s a little comic ! I couldn’t find the exact Kim & Kanye picture online, but this one is pretty close. This pic still makes me feel weird.

    I hope you’ve all been well. I just moved in a brand new place ! I’ve been taking pictures and appreciating it a lot (you can see those on my instagram).

    I’m leaving for holidays tomorrow ! Going home to see my family. I’ll post some stuff from there too !

    See you soon, take many selfies, just not weird ones.


  5. Hi there! Good news! I’m now officially a Bachelor in fine arts; Comics !! I’m super happy and also a bit scared about what’s next (LIFE).

    I’m now enjoying a bit of holidays, lazing around and reading. I also try to practice freehand drawing, and made this illustration today ! (I just traced two lines of pencil for perspective, does that count?)

    Have a nice sunday, and see you soon ! 


  6. My diploma comic is finally DONE. I really hope you’ll like it. The theme this year was “Disappearance”. 

    edit: I forgot to translate “jeudi” by “thursday”, I’ll be fixing it soon!

    See you soon !

    PS: click here to go the the main page and read it BIG. (it’s better)


  7. Guess what? It’s official now, I made a cover for the Adventure Time comic!! Woohooo! It’s going on sale next week ! Please check it out <3

    I’m so so happy ! You can read more about it here.

    Have a nice day!


  8. I’m also working on my comic everyday. SO LONG. Here are some progress shots :)


  9. The 4rth element of the drawing challenge was “Your favorite food”. So here’s my favorite; roasted chicken (I like dark meat), fries, and avocado. I already talked about my love for chicken w/ fries in this comic :) 

    Hope you’re all well! What is YOUR favorite food? Have a nice day!


  10. It’s penciling TIME ! #newcomic