1. Hey!
    I celebrated my birthday!
    I’m kinda older now, that’s weird.

    See you soon !


  2. Post it mish mash in my sketchbook, used to cover up a terrible sketch. I feel so crafty.


  3. Adult life is hard.

    Mini doodle / comic !


  4. Hey there!

    Here’s a little comic I improvised. Drawn with my trusty/terrible mechanical pencil. It’s pretty big so I think it’s easier to read directly on the main page.

    Sometimes I have feelings for inanimate objects.

    I hope you’re all well !


  5. colcomblog:

    Fiuuu ! Finaly i made it ! It took me about 7 hours to do this one . Hope you’ll like it .

    Korra the Avatar , water and fire bending combo.

    So I don’t usually reblog stuff, but my boyfriend made this and since it’s amazing and we’re super korra fans, I had to share it with you.

    Also, I made a comic today, I’ll be posting it sooooon !


  6. I’m trying out some super fancy watercolour paper these days and painted this lady !


  7. Sketch sketch sketch !

    New potential character for a potential new comic? Whaaat?



  8. Tina Belcher warmup doodle !


  9. Hey there ! Here’s a little stupid comic for you guys ! 

    Were those shoes worth it? I still think they look cool, so I’m trying to wear them at home, so that they’ll fit better (I’m an idiot).

    PS: My super hero boyfriend is doing super cool Avatar fanarts these days, you should check it out .

    That’s it from me, see ya soon!


  10. Some more drawings for french radioooo. Check it out!