1. Hey guys! Here’s a little comic ! I couldn’t find the exact Kim & Kanye picture online, but this one is pretty close. This pic still makes me feel weird.

    I hope you’ve all been well. I just moved in a brand new place ! I’ve been taking pictures and appreciating it a lot (you can see those on my instagram).

    I’m leaving for holidays tomorrow ! Going home to see my family. I’ll post some stuff from there too !

    See you soon, take many selfies, just not weird ones.


  2. Hi there! Good news! I’m now officially a Bachelor in fine arts; Comics !! I’m super happy and also a bit scared about what’s next (LIFE).

    I’m now enjoying a bit of holidays, lazing around and reading. I also try to practice freehand drawing, and made this illustration today ! (I just traced two lines of pencil for perspective, does that count?)

    Have a nice sunday, and see you soon ! 


  3. My diploma comic is finally DONE. I really hope you’ll like it. The theme this year was “Disappearance”. 

    edit: I forgot to translate “jeudi” by “thursday”, I’ll be fixing it soon!

    See you soon !

    PS: click here to go the the main page and read it BIG. (it’s better)


  4. Guess what? It’s official now, I made a cover for the Adventure Time comic!! Woohooo! It’s going on sale next week ! Please check it out <3

    I’m so so happy ! You can read more about it here.

    Have a nice day!


  5. I’m also working on my comic everyday. SO LONG. Here are some progress shots :)


  6. The 4rth element of the drawing challenge was “Your favorite food”. So here’s my favorite; roasted chicken (I like dark meat), fries, and avocado. I already talked about my love for chicken w/ fries in this comic :) 

    Hope you’re all well! What is YOUR favorite food? Have a nice day!


  7. It’s penciling TIME ! #newcomic


  8. Still doing the drawing challenge (at my own pace though). Today’s drawing is “Your favorite TV show”. 

    Took me a little time to decide which one was my favorite, but in the end, Leslie Knope and The Parks and Rec crew beat everyone. I love this show so much. If you like brilliant comedy, watch it.

    PS: My boyfriend is doing the challenge too, you can go check is super cool drawings here


  9. Working working working on my new comic. Here’s an illustration with all the characters for you ! 

    Have a great sunday!


  10. Some sketches from these last few days! The nice girl on the first drawing is based on this real life cute girl.

    I’ve been using something called the 30 days drawing challenge to give me ideas for warmup sketches. That why there’s an axolotl (an animal I never drew before) and a faun (something mythological). And the last drawing, well… I always draw like this, this is probably bad for my back.

    See you soon!